And Life Goes On…..

Mar 11, 2013



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Thank you to everyone for all your comments, support and stories to my last post.

For now life is moving on, but not life as we had known it. Our weeks involve 2 trips to physiotherapy. Unfortunately our rural location means these facilities are not available close by so we travel 4 hours in a day to see a special hand physiotherapist. On top of this we have at least 1 other day out a week to squeeze in doctor visits, other appointments, and of course the weekly grocery shop and other chores.

This leaves me with 2 days at home during the week,  and the weekend. My days are taken up with the usual household chores that come with a 2 child family, all the outside chores of a farm home and on top of that the extra care for my hubby. I am now massaging his skin graft scar 2-3 times a day, and helping him with anything he would normally need to do with 2 hands, and of course driving him where ever he needs to go!

So needless to say if there is a spare 5 minutes I am exhausted!!

I mentioned in my last post that I had spent quite a bit of time planning over the holidays the year ahead for Winnie&Clem. Clearly now I am watching the year move quickly by and my goals and dreams for Winnie&Clem lay untouched.

For those of you who have ever run a handmade business, or even been a crafter at home, you will know the frustration that comes from so desperately wanting to do something on your wish list and just simply not being able to.

I had planned for my Autumn/ Winter 2013 range to include some woollen cloche hats, funky canvas totes, soft cotton voile scarves and some divine hand knitted/crochet hats and head wraps by my sisters brand “Fourteen Poplars”. I was also planning to launch of a range of funky geometric printed bags (for which I have mountains of fabric sitting here).

But this pesky little thing called reality is…. well…just that….reality! And that just means I will not be able to make these ranges this year. In fact the reality is that the brand of Winnie&Clem will have to undergo some changes to even exist during this time. So I have decided for now that I will move forward with one product only, which I will most likely be making and selling only as ready made stock.  And my hope is that it will be “Scarves”. With any luck  I will have a bit of time to experiment over the next 2 weeks and decide how to move forward with them. So would you be interested in purchasing some luscious cotton voile scarves? If so what are your must have scarf features?



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