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Winnie and Clem http://winnieandclem.com Stylish Handmade Accessories Mon, 21 Jul 2014 22:53:52 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.9.14 What’s My Colour? http://winnieandclem.com/whats-my-colour/ http://winnieandclem.com/whats-my-colour/#comments Mon, 21 Jul 2014 22:30:34 +0000 http://winnieandclem.com/?p=4392 Who doesn’t love to shop? I know I do but I have to admit it can all be a bit overwhelming sometimes and I find myself coming home with things in colours that really just don’t suit me and that I most likely will never wear!

Particularly when you are shopping online it’s not like you can hold it up to yourself to see if the colour really suits you.

So, what is the solution? well it’s simple, you need to learn what are your best colours.

After much research this is the best site I have found. It takes you through step by step on how to pick the colour scheme that suits you the most.

So off you go, have some fun, test the theory and let me know how you go!


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2 Essential Tools for Wearing Jewellery http://winnieandclem.com/2-essential-tools-for-wearing-jewellery/ http://winnieandclem.com/2-essential-tools-for-wearing-jewellery/#comments Sun, 15 Jun 2014 02:45:55 +0000 http://winnieandclem.com/?p=4171 Jewellery, whether it be costume jewellery or your precious pieces, they need to be worn correctly to achieve the best look.

Here is a little guide I borrowed from pinterest on what style of jewellery suits what type of neckline. Maybe print this one out and stick it in your wardrobe.


I also love this one (also borrowed from pinterest) as a guide for buying jewellery to help you determine what length will sit where. A great one to save to your phone!



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The Secret to Wearing Yellow! http://winnieandclem.com/the-secret-to-wearing-yellow/ http://winnieandclem.com/the-secret-to-wearing-yellow/#comments Sun, 15 Jun 2014 02:39:11 +0000 http://winnieandclem.com/?p=4135 I have not been a fan of yellow, in fact neither are my sisters or my mum. It one of those colours we feel washed out in.

Well I’ve done my research and I must say I am embracing yellow, in small amounts!

Wearing accessories in a colour you are not necessarily comfortable with, but teamed with clothing in a complimentary colour that you love is the perfect way to add a new dimension to your wardrobe but without putting you out of your comfort zone. Purple is the perfect compliment to yellow and a great colour for people who’s colouring is not suited to yellow alone. A little resin pebble strand over a knit…just the perfect amount for me. Alternatively try a yellow based cream to give a balanced effect without the boldness. But if you love yellow by all means embrace it with a bold bag of even go all out with the stand out coat.

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ORANGE, this seasons colour http://winnieandclem.com/orange-this-seasons-colour/ http://winnieandclem.com/orange-this-seasons-colour/#comments Sun, 15 Jun 2014 02:38:08 +0000 http://winnieandclem.com/?p=4131 I love it, a splash of orange can really warm up any outfit. And perfectly teamed with navy or denim blue, you cannot go wrong.

Are you not sure about wearing orange, you can always try an accessory rather than orange clothing. This bag is great for adding just the smallest bit of colour without being over the top.



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The one and only tool you need to dress with confidence…and it’s FREE http://winnieandclem.com/the-one-and-only-tool-you-need-to-dress-with-confidence-and-its-free/ http://winnieandclem.com/the-one-and-only-tool-you-need-to-dress-with-confidence-and-its-free/#comments Sun, 15 Jun 2014 02:35:48 +0000 http://winnieandclem.com/?p=4128 You’ve probably seen it before, you’ve probably heard about, if you googled it you will find a million of them. But the COLOUR WHEEL is your must use tool when it comes to making the most of your wardrobe.

If you are anything like me you shop by sight, not by plan. Meaning you see something, you love it but your not sure how it will go with other things in your wardrobe.

Also if you are like me you might have a tendency to buy the same item in 2 different colours, just because you love it, but again what will you wear it with?

Well my friends, if you are getting bored with your wardrobe, feeling like you never have anything to wear, instead of heading to the shops and spending money…print yourself a colour wheel and head to your wardrobe. Lay your 5 favourite items on the bed and then mix and match using your colour wheel as a guide.

Simply locate the colour of your first key item,  then look for the complimentary colour on the opposite side of the colour wheel. Find some items to match, remember accessories in the complimentary colour work just as well if you don’t want to use too much of the complimentary colour. Also just remember variation of the colour are also useful, for example you’ve got out a lovely blue dress, the colour on the opposite side of the colour wheel is orange, but you don’t particularly like orange…well why not try an orange pink such as coral, or a reddy brown. Both of these colours contain orange undertones and work well with blue.

Have fun and let me know how you go. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for some of my colour combination posts.

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Fourteen Poplars – Knitted Headware and Accessories http://winnieandclem.com/fourteen-poplars-knitted-headware-and-accessories/ http://winnieandclem.com/fourteen-poplars-knitted-headware-and-accessories/#comments Sun, 19 May 2013 00:32:18 +0000 http://winnieandclem.com/?p=2436 I am so excited to be able to bring you a true quality all Australian handmade brand called “Fourteen Poplars”.

Firstly, a little about the person behind the brand. Mum of 3 little lovelies (I can say that with certainty because they are my niece and nephews) simply loves to knit. I recall sitting in the lounge room as kids, rugged up in our dressing gown with the fire roaring and my sister clicking away with her knitting needles. Even as a child I recall thinking “wow! her knitting is so perfect”. Never an uneven tension, never and tight cast off, absolutely stitch perfect knitting. So when last year she started making head wraps, hats and now other knitted products I was not at all surprised at the demand for her gorgeous items.

Karina, also chooses to use superior quality Australian wools, primarily from Bendigo Woollen Mills in Victoria. Combining these quality wools with her quality workmanship and new age designs, you can be guaranteed of a superior woollen product.

Last year Winnie&Clem was able to offer a couple of headwraps, but I am so exited that this year I will be bringing you many more, plus new products like luscious cowl neck warmers,  such a stylish addition to your winter wardrobe.

Firstly these products will be available on our facebook page, so please click over here and make sure you like our page to get all the details. Further details of product releases will also be available on our facebook page.




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Fabric Covered Lampshade http://winnieandclem.com/fabric-covered-lampshade/ http://winnieandclem.com/fabric-covered-lampshade/#comments Wed, 17 Apr 2013 02:01:16 +0000 http://winnieandclem.com/?p=2409 I must admit I have been so frustrated lately. My motivation has been lacking and its not like me to float from one unfinished project to the next. So I decided today things MUST change!

On my to do list for sometime was to recover our bland lampshade in the living room. So I decided today it just had to happen.

But at the same time the kids have been pestering me to make them a loaf of fruit bread. So I decided that I could do both and while the bread making is not essential to the success of the lamp you will see that there are some advantages to doing the two simultaneously :)

You will need:

1. Lampshape, this one was a K-Mart cheapy, basic plain cream. I simply cleaned if over with a slightly damp cloth

2. A good spray adhesive

3. A gorgeous fabric, I love this Amy Butler Fabric!

4. Lead Pencil, scissors and old sheet

How to do it!

1. Make sure the lampshape is clean if it is not a new one.

2. Iron your fabric and lay flat on a large work surface

3. Lay your lampshade on its side on your fabric. Make a small pencil mark on the lampshade where it meets the fabric. Then trace a line onto your fabric close to the lower edge of your lampshade as you roll the lampshade carefully along the fabric. Continue this until you meet the small pencil mark on your shade. Without lifting or moving the lamp shade, repeat this process for the top of the shade rolling it back to its starting to position.

4. Draw a line to match up the top curve line with the bottom curve line on both ends of the fabric cover.

5. Cut out your fabric cover 1- 1.5cm larger than the lines you have drawn on your fabric.

6. Head outside with a drop sheet, lamp shade, cut fabric and spray adhesive. Lay the sheet down on a flat surface. Place your fabric with the wrong side up. Also have you lamp shade on the drop sheet sitting on its bottom edge. Holding the can about 25cm from the fabric spray a thick even coat of adhesive onto the fabric. Repeat this process for the lampshade. Leave these to sit for approximately 2 mins. This allows the tack to form in the glue and will give a better adhesion between the shade and fabric.

7. Now carefully pick up your lampshade, holding the frame inside. Place you fabric over the lampshade working from the pencil mark around. Smooth out the fabric as you go, making sure you keep the fabric even with an overlap of 1-1.5cm at both the top and bottom edges. Work your way around. When you get back to the pencil mark you will have some fabric overlap. Trim this to a 1.5cm overlap. Fold this edge under. Carefully apply some spray adhesive to the underside of this fold. Wait 2 mins then press down.

TIP: to ensure you fabric stays smooth, I found rubbing my fingers in circular motion was the most effective. I also found giving the fabric a slight tug toward either the top or bottom of the shade would stretch it out and keep away any bubbles. If your lampshade is straight, not angular like mine, this would be much easier.

8. Sit your shade on a flat surface and make a small incision in the fabric either side of the wire frame on the inside of the top surface. Then turn your shade upside down, making sure the excess fabric is all sitting flat. From the inside of the shade spray the adhesive onto both the excess fabric (wrong side) and the inside rim of the top of the shade. Allow 2 mins before smoothing this fabric over and pressing around the wire frame. I used the point of a collar turner to do this neatly.

9. Now place your shade on its side. Spray adhesive along the bottom excess fabric and inside of the shade. I found this easiest way to do this was by rolling the shade again, spraying as I went. Allow 2 mins again. Then fold over the excess fabric, and press around the wire frame as we did for the top of the shade.

10. Now leave your shade outside to let the glue dry and to air. The glue is very smelly, so walk back inside to smell your freshly baking bread and wait for your shade to “freshen”.

So simple, yet so effective…..

Now to whip one up for my daughters room.

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Cozy Cords http://winnieandclem.com/cozy-cords/ http://winnieandclem.com/cozy-cords/#comments Tue, 02 Apr 2013 00:19:57 +0000 http://winnieandclem.com/?p=2242 Can you feel the chill in the air? Certainly where we live here in the southern tablelands our nights are getting cooler and our mornings ever so brisk.

It won’t be long and our sunny days that shed some warmth will soon be gone and it will be time to bring out the cozy coats. But if your kids are like mine its almost guaranteed last years coat will present with much shorter sleeves than you recall and possibly buttons that don’t quite reach their button holes! So for me it’s time to get organised.

After clearing out my rather large corduroy stash (which I am so graciously sharing with you all) a quick browse through some pdf sewing patterns on www.etsy.com has me inspired to whip up some funky little coats for my kiddies…..but now to decide which one?

This gorgeous little belted Annabelle coat  by Peekaboo PatternShop is practical yet so cute….I have some pale pink cord that would work well for this.

But then this Raglan Hooded Coat from the Cali Faye Collection might suit Ella’s age a little more, maybe in a nice off white cord with an aqua liningso hard to decide.

And of course something for my little man of the house.

This is a great unisex pattern by OwlyBaby, however I do like the idea of this in navy cord with red buttons for Jackson. Mind you I know he will want a red coat!

How clever is this “Krew Coat”? I love the concept of using pockets from out grown cargo pants and hoods from out grown hoodies, very clever indeed lilygiggle. My kids don’t like to part with their favourite old hoodies so this might just be the answer.

If you are feeling inspired, make sure you check out our range of corduroy and cotton velveteen I have just listed on the website, perfect for any of these coats. But the more challenging task….which one?



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