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Mar 4, 2013




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Four weeks ago today was the start of 2013 for us. It was my daughters first full week back at school, it was the start of swimming lessons for my little man, and the return for my daughter, it was the start of my business year I had spent the 6 weeks of the holidays planning, it was the start of working in our newly renovated house/ sewing room set up.  My husband had even said to me that morning, that it felt good to be finally getting in control of so many things.

I spent that day, washing, cleaning and cooking (as I had planned for my mondays). I picked my daughter up from the bus at around 3.30, together with my son the 3 of us had a nice afternoon tea and read Ella’s home reader. I had begun dinner and was folding the washing, everything was on track……..

Until a knock on the front door just after 5pm!

Around 4.30pm my husband received a delivery of fertiliser to the farm. It arrived in a semi trailer tip truck. The truck tray was raised to empty the load. Once emptied the truck tray hydraulics were set to lower the tray back to the chasis. During this time my husband was asked to answer some questions for the paper work of the delivery. He simply lent on the truck with his right elbow with his forearm and finger tips pointing up toward the sky. The truck tray lowered and crushed his arm.

The driver lifted the hydraulics back up as soon as he could and my hubby was able to free his arm and get it wrapped in a towel. Unfortunately with no mobile phone service the truck driver had to drive my hubby to our house so we could call an ambulance. The ambulance took 50 mins to arrive, but fortunately a helicopter was dispatched at the same time and arrive around the same time as road ambulance. My husband was conscience the whole time and in significant amount of pain. It took about another hour to stabilise my husbands pain, assess the injuries, canulate and load him into the helicopter. He was airlifted to Sydney and arrived at the emergency rooms in 30 mins (just for the record hubby, this is not my idea of a romantic helicopter ride!!), which by road would have been a 3 hour drive. He has since had 2 operations, firstly to assess the damage, repair his tendons, and remove significantly damaged muscle mass and skin. The second operation was to place a skin graft over the injury site to improve blood flow and aid in healing.

After 2 weeks in hospital and another 2 weeks at home with me, his arm is healing well and we thank our lucky stars every day that he has is arm, and that the nerve was not damaged which means he should regain most of the movement back in his hand. However his biggest challenge is going to be diminished strength due to the removal of a large part of the muscle from his forearm. He currently has very limited movement in his fingers, he cannot write or even hold a pen, he cannot drive, he basically cannot hold anything in his right hand. It’s scary but at the same time I am grateful for every single little positive step, no matter how small.

The past week I have had a little bit of time to stop at home. So I did what I always do, check out the handmade industry on facebook, pinterest etc. I will be honest, it is incredibly hard to see everyone moving on with their lives, their creativeness and businesses are flourishing, and for me well everything is on hold. Not just my business but also my husbands businesses. The reality of both being self employed and essentially losing 2 incomes due to an accident is now sinking in.

I had hesitated to write this post, but decided I should for a couple of reasons. So many people who follow my business, people who have never met me or my husband have come forward with messages of concern and support. These messages have meant so much to us and I felt that I needed to explain to you what has actually happened. I have also chosen to write this post to explain why I have so suddenly up and left my business and customers hanging. I really would like to be working but it is simply not feasible, essentially all responsibilities are on me and it doesn’t leave much time for my business.

And finally, but certainly not least, I send a big thank you to everyone for their support. Please keep your families safe and hug them tight each and every day. Never miss an opportunity to be grateful because everything we have, our families, our kids, our bodies, our skills, our abilities are all gifts and should be cherished.

Anita xx




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